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Oracle de México
We have provided training on any Oracle DBA track available since 1999. In fact insoldi was started upon Oracle's request and since then we have been providing training for their customers either on their behalf or by means of the Oracle Education Centers.
Grupo ODEM (Scappino)
Administration and tuning of their Oracle applications and mission critical support of their database. He have performed product and data migration several times.
Aon Risk Services México
We provide database administration policies support, product migration and data upgrades, and Sun solaris support for this important financial broker.
LAFARGE Cementos
For this french company, we have performed administration by contract of their production database. We also have performed database and product migration and database recovery.
Afianzadora Insurgentes
For this important company part of the Saint Paul Group we provide Oracle Parallel Server tuning, product migration and support of the Oracle Development suite, and securing of compones of their principal application.
Universidad Tecnológica de México
For this important private university, we provide Oracle database consultancy, technology transfer and data and product modeling and design. We also have provided manpower of Oracle experts and developers.