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Web Design Limited Business Offer for small business

If your business requires a basic web design, this is a 30 day valid offer you can not afford to loose. Now your web page design and 1 year hosting for a 200,00€ setup fee. A 20.00€ monthly payment of system also applies if you want us to perform page additions and maintainance of your web page. You risk nothing, payment will be charged once design is up on our server and ready to be used by you, customers or friends.

Service Description of The Junior Web package:

The Junior web package includes the following:

Content offered for small businesses:
Content offerd for personal customers
Offered documentation and material offered.
Maintainance fee.

The maintainance fee covers the following non accumulative monthly services.

Don't let this offer to expire, contract now. Send us an e-mail to "rh at" (please substitute "at" word by the @ symbol) and one of our web executives will contact you very soon.